DIY Miniature LoveLive! Figma (Second-Year Student)

Have you ever think that you can make some figma toys for your figma to play with?

This time we try to DIY the Miniature Figma box! And we choose the second-year student from the LoveLive!

For the first-year, please check here.

For the third-year, please check here.

We took pictures from the packing of the Figma!

And resize it by photoshop to a 1/12 scale. So these size fit for all Figma and S.H.Figuarts figures.

Take a picture which letting themselves to holding the box is dramatically fun!

Can you recognize them? They are Umi, Honoka and Kotori! They are the second-year student from the LoveLive!

And you can download the template of this for FREE!!

So you can collect all first to third year LoveLive! members.

Hope you all enjoy it, please check the below video for detail making step ,please don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more project!!

You can download the DIY Miniature Figma Box template by the link below.

Free Download :

Unzip Password : year2

The figures show in the photos are Figma, you can buy them here with International Shipping!