Miniature Classroom Diorama for Figma (Set B)

Good Smile Company just bring back the School Life Set diorama back! It's for Nendoroids, but also fit for Figma!

It is 1/12 scale, which is fits for all Figma/S.H.Figuarts action figures!

Due to popular demand, this diorama playset for Nendoroids is being rereleased! This classroom set is a perfect fit for almost any Nendoroid characters, and has been separated into two sets - this B set is the corridor side of the classroom. The sliding door really can slide, making it fully able to open and close.

Please check the open box video below and check out the short movie of Rin, Honoka and Kotori!

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It includes 2 walls (door and blackboard), floor, desk and chair, desktop PC (case, monitor and mouse), notebook (closed), sandwich, milk carton and clutch pencil.

The A and B sets can be placed together to complete the full classroom.

It's how it look when 2 sets are combined. And you can see two of my friendly youtube channel on the monitor!

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