Re-ment Miniature Kotatsu Table

It is an old product from Re-ment, but every new player would like to buy one! RE-MENT Miniature Kotatsu table!

Just open the box, and you can have a very nice Miniature Kotatsu table!

This can be changed to 2 different styles. The above one can be use as usual table or I say it is a summer style!

This toy is 1/6 scale, and fits for Azone / R.A.H 1/6 Doll!

We provide a free printable Japanese Tatami mat for you! Please check the link on the bottom of this article!

You can put on any Re-ment food to the table!!

Put on the cloth and it becomes the winter style!!!!

Hope you all enjoy it, please check the below video for the open box introduction, there is a short movie inside in the video ,please take a look and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more project!!

You can download the dollhouse material by the link below.

Free Download :

Unzip Password : tata

If you love this model, you can buy at Rakuten or Taobao with the below link.

Buy at Taobao here!

The dolls show in the photos are Azone 1/6 Doll, you can buy them here with International Shipping!