Re-ment Welcome To Pikachu Room

Welcome to Pikachu Room Re-ment is released on Dec, 2016, did you buy it yet? If no, please take a look now!!

This toast machine is super Cute! There is a Gengar on the toast!

Just buy 1 box, and you can have a very nice Pikachu Dollhouse immediately!

We have a free download template for you to make the Pikachu Dollhouse, please check the link below!!

There are 8 different type of toys.

1 - Favorite interior
2 - Happy Breakfast
3 - Drawing practice
4 - Pokémon goods
5 - Break time
6 - Watch television
7 - Tea time
8 - Relax time

This toy is 1/12 scale, and all of them are fit for Moncolle figure or Figma /S.H.Figuarts figures!

This headphone is super nice!

If you are a Pokemon fan, if you are a Pikachu Lover, you should own this set of toy!!!!

Hope you all enjoy it, please check the below video for the open box introduction, there is a terrific story inside in the video ,please take a look and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more project!!

You can download the dollhouse material by the link below.

Free Download :

Unzip Password : pikapika

If you love this model, you can buy at Amazon or Taobao with the below link.

Buy at Taobao here!