Miniature Camera Capsule Toy

We found a Miniature Camera Capsule Toy set in Hong Kong which called the Camera World 2, the scale is around 1/6 so it fits for those 1/6 Dolls! (Azone Doll / R.A.H figures)

There are 5 different pieces in 1 set, including a Snapshot camera, DSLR, Speedlight, Telephoto Lens and a Camera Case.

The size is 1/6 scale, so it fits for all the Azone 1/6 Doll and R.A.H. figures!!

Those cameras require you to assmebly by yourself! The detail step are show in the video below.

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It's fun to play with the Dolls!

Start taking pictures with your Dolls now!

The dolls show in the photos are Azone 1/6 Doll, you can buy them here with International Shipping!