DIY Miniature Valentine's Day Flower Bouquet (1/6 Scale)

Today is Valentine's Day, we try to make a 1/6 Scale Miniature Rose Flowers bouquet for our Azone Doll!!

In advance, we put a love letter into the flowers bouquet.

The size is 1/6 scale, so it fits for all the Azone 1/6 Doll and R.A.H. figures!!

We use plastic flowers to make it, it just cost HKD$12 in the DAISO Japan shop! The detail step are show in the video below.

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Start now to make your own flower bouquet!

Looks!! She loves it very much!

The dolls show in the photos are Azone 1/6 Doll, you can buy them here with International Shipping!

We have made another version of this Miniature Rose Flowers bouquet, please check here.

Version 2, please check here.