DIY Doll Santa Hat (Figma/SHFiguart/Azone)

Christmas is close, let's make a Santa hat for all your figures!!

You can download the template for free, check the link on the bottom of this post!

Print it out and fold it, you can make this Santa Hat within 5 minutes!!

I added some cotton and make it more real, for detail step, please check the video below!

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The free template contains 2 size, 1:12 and 1:6 scale, both of them are good for Moncolle figures.

1:6 is great for Azone 1:6 doll!

1:12 is also good for Figma and S.H.Figuarts!

Let's wear a Santa Party Hat to join the Christmas Party!!

For making the Christmas Doll house, please check here.


You can download the material by the link below.

Free Download : http://rios.in/2hgT2Z1

Unzip Password : xmas