Let's DIY a Miniature Electrical Plug and socket!
Last time we DIY the Nintendo Switch Box, this time we make a Miniature Nintendo Switch Console!
Can you order the Nintendo Switch yesterday? Out of stock? Nevermind, let's DIY a mini one first!
We found a Miniature Camera Capsule Toy set in Hong Kong which called the Camera World 2, the scale is around 1/6 so it fits for those 1/6 Dolls! (Azone Doll / R.A.H figures)
Today is Valentine's Day, we try to make a 1/6 Scale Miniature Rose Flowers bouquet for our Azone Doll!!
Christmas is close, let's make a Santa hat for all your figures!!
This is a China made christmas dollhouse kit, the price is super cheap (around 10 USD) and it looks super great!!
Christmas is coming, let's make some more christmas trees for your Dollhouse.