Last time we DIY the Nintendo Switch Box, this time we make a Miniature Nintendo Switch Console!
Can you order the Nintendo Switch yesterday? Out of stock? Nevermind, let's DIY a mini one first!
We found a Miniature Camera Capsule Toy set in Hong Kong which called the Camera World 2, the scale is around 1/6 so it fits for those 1/6 Dolls! (Azone Doll / R.A.H figures)
Today is Valentine's Day, we try to make a 1/6 Scale Miniature Rose Flowers bouquet for our Azone Doll!!
Christmas is close, let's make a Santa hat for all your figures!!
This is a China made christmas dollhouse kit, the price is super cheap (around 10 USD) and it looks super great!!
Christmas is coming, let's make some more christmas trees for your Dollhouse.
Christmas is coming, let's make a christmas tree for your Dollhouse.