About Us

We collect different Pokemon Model and bring them to different place for photo shoot.

Pokemum will keep posting photos for Pokemon models. We love Pokemon and try to bring it into our daily life. 

Just like the Pokemon GO game, we try to make it in another way. If you love Pokemon GO, then you should love Pokemum!

Our photos contain both Reality and Creativity. Hope all the Pokemon lovers enjoy it!

Beside Pokemon Model, we are also a Figma / SHFigure collector, especially for Love Live!

We will make lot of 1/12 scale materials for you to download, and you can make fun will your 1/12 action figures. They are all free to download, don't worry!!

Beside Love Live!, we also like K-On!, Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Let's make a beautiful doll houses for them!

All the action figures are 1/12 scale, but we also love the Azone Doll! They are 1/6 and 1/3 scale!

All of these figures and dolls can crossover and make fun together!

We love Pokemon

Thousand of Pokemon photo is coming, hope you enjoy it!